Thank You for your awesome support!  Together we raised over $25,000 for the ministry!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hosted at the Garrison High School Gym




Festival Contributor?

Please print out the following form; fill it out and send it back to our office. Contributions are asked to be in our office by Thursday, June 1st. 

Auction, Food, and Fellowship

Join us for this wonderful event. It's energizing to see so many people come together in one place in support of the ministry of Camp of the Cross. You are invited to join us—you are part of the #CCMFamily.

"Pay It Forward" Table Returning

Many quilts will be available at this table.  Pick out a quilt and pass it onto the 3 social services agencies we will pick.  CCM gets the donation and the agency gets the quilt!

New This Year: Pre-bidding

We will have items available for pre-bidding this year. Get your bids in early for hot items.

Pre-bidding Form

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Live Auction Items


Silent Auction Items