CAMP of the CROSS Ministries

Live a life fueled by faith and centered on Christ

Camp of the Cross is a year-round camp and retreat center where all are welcome.
It's a place where you can be yourself, feel like family, and connect with God in Christ Jesus.



If you believe in providing a place that ignites personal growth and life-long faith, here are two ways you can make a difference.


What’s special about Camp of the Cross?

We know how difficult it is to stay connected and live a life of faith in a world filled with negativity where that's seen as weird and different. We've been creating spaces and experiences for people to connect with God for over 50 years supported by a constituency of 70+ Lutheran and UCC congregations in North Dakota.

Whether it's a week of summer camp or the weekend of a retreat, at Camp of the Cross you'll feel God's presence and be energized in your faith. God's the one doing real work. We just provide the workshop and stick to these 4 promises.


Our Four Promises


We create holy space centered on Christ. Whether at Camp or off-site, we foster an environment centered on Christ.


We are family. From first-time campers, to retreaters, to long-time donors—everyone is part of the CCM Family.


We share a message of grace. You're safe to be yourself, experience your faith out loud, and grow as a person.

God's Call

We help people hear God's call in their lives—for "lives of faith." Bring your energized faith back into your everyday life.


Retreat Season

A peaceful, prayerful getaway...

CCM is pleased to welcome you to another exciting season of retreat ministries. Come and join us for a time of prayer, praise, worship, relaxation, rest, fellowship, and fun.

We have prepared a peaceful place for you with home cooked meals, comfortable beds, and time to nurture and grow in your faith.

We look forward to serving you.


Capital Campaign

Help Finish the Race

Celebrate how far we've come in raising $2.5 million toward the building of a new Fellowship Center!

Now, let's launch into the next phase, requiring $1 million to cover remaining building costs.

This is a gorgeous, impressive place, now let’s get it done!
— Major Donor

Campaign Goal $3.6 Million

Current donations and pledges are at $2,650,855.41