Let’s finish our much needed “new” dining hall!

Hearts Day


Hello All,

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and support on GHD!  It means a lot!

In light of that, we are very sorry for the following information!

We are updating you on a mistake we made on GHD interpreting GHD’s thermometer on our fundraising effort.

When looking at the percentage raised yesterday, GHD was including the anonymous donor we had reported to them. So when donations were coming in they were matching these donations with that donors dollar to our dollar.

We didn’t reach our goal of $100,000. Our total raised yesterday was over $60,000, not $120,000.

This is still an amazing amount of money raised in 24 hours!

The other good news is that we have been matching the anonymous donor since December 1st when we found out about their challenge.  Since December 1st we raised $78,000 to match the $100,000.  That would be GHD donations and your end of the year donations since December to come to that amount.

Our challenge or gift is that we have only $22,000 left to meet their challenge.  We believe we can do it.  We did awesome yesterday, we can do it again.

Again, we are very sorry for the misinterpretation!

Please let us know if you need any more clarification!



Over $60,000 was raised! That is still awesome!

Thank you for supporting us on February 8th!