At Camp of the Cross we are committed to creating holy space centered on Christ, we are Family, we share a message of Grace, and we help people hear God's Call in their lives.

Year-Round Opportunities

No openings.

Summer Staff Opportunities

We only have 2 positions left for the coming summer.

  • Female Counselors: 1 opening
  • Male Counselors: 1 opening
The staff here is like family! I’d love to come back again!
— Jessica A.

Working on Summer Staff

Life-Changing Experience

For the past 50+ summers CCM staff members have been challenged and changed for a number of reasons. You will have opportunities to be challenged in your faith, develop your leadership skills, and make an impact on youth at camp!


Camp of the Cross has blessed me with wonderful friendships that I treasure because they are grounded and rooted in God’s love for each and every one of us. Camp of the Cross means the world to me and will always be a “second home” to me!
— Tara, Former Summer Staff

Skills for Your Career

The experience you get at camp is valuable in all careers and is especially helpful on your resume if you’re considering a career in education, athletics, dance, theater, fine arts, coaching, sports management, childhood development, child psychology, nursing, or management. 


Ways You'll Grow at Camp



Relationship Building

Work Ethic


Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution




Public Speaking


I absolutely love working here!
— Katherine A.
While at CCM I: played, laughed, questioned, sweat, canoed, ate Hobos, prayed, swam, cried, searched for the coconut, studied the Word, journeyed in life alongside campers, fellow staff, and volunteers. Amidst it all God was working in and through all my experiences and the Holy Spirit called me through all of those things. I know my time at CCM has played a role in my formation and helping to me discern where God is calling me
— Sarah, Former Summer Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special experience to apply?

While some positions are based on experience, most are based on attitude and responsibility. We start the summer with thorough, intentional staff training that will bring you up to speed, but what we can’t train is a positive attitude and the ability to work well in a team.

Do I need my car?

You won’t need your car as far as Camp is concerned, but you may bring it to camp. We have a staff parking lot where you’ll be able to keep it during the week.

Can I use my cell phone?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your cell phone as a matter of safety and security and to stay connected to those important to you, however cell phone use is limited to breaks and time off when you are away from campers. Camp is about time in nature and we try to unplug as best we can.

Where will I live at Camp?

Counselors stay in the cabins with campers during the week while support staff members live in designated support staff cabins. All housing is clean and comfortable but storage is limited. All cabins have electricity.

How does time off work?

Everyone is assigned one full day off each week and portions of other days throughout the week. For example, while counselors are usually with their cabin, they are assigned down time each day to rest and refuel away from their campers. Camper safety comes first when we assign time off, but we will work with you if you  have special requests or need to be away from camp for days at a time.