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Live a life fueled by faith and centered on Christ

Camp of the Cross is a year-round camp and retreat center where you can be yourself, feel like part of the family, and connect with God in Christ Jesus.

P.S. If you believe in the importance of spaces that ignite personal growth and life-long faith, you can Help more people connect with God at camp.

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I love going to Camp of the Cross every year. It is just so much fun that I can’t get enough. To me, just once a summer isn’t enough of Camp of the Cross.
— Former Camper

What’s special about Camp of the Cross?

We often hear things like "I feel so close to God at Camp" and "It was just what I needed." We've been creating spaces and experiences for people to connect with God for over 50 years, supported by a constituency of 70+ Lutheran and UCC congregations in North Dakota.

Whether it's a week of summer camp or the weekend of a retreat, at Camp of the Cross you'll feel God's presence and be energized in your faith.


Our Four Promises


We create holy space centered on Christ. Whether at Camp or off-site, we foster an environment centered on Christ.


We are family. From first-time campers, to retreaters, to long-time donors—everyone is part of the CCM Family. #ccmfamily


We share a message of grace. You're safe to be yourself, experience your faith out loud, and grow as a person.

God's Call

We help people hear God's call in their lives—for "lives of faith." Bring your energized faith back into your everyday life.

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About Our Annual Theme: Transformed Community

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect. —Romans 12:2

Transformed Community: God’s Agent of C.H.A.N.G.E. brings to mind images of a mighty band of superheroes or of special agents with secret missions. To be sure, Jesus is often considered to be something of a superhero by some Christians, and the Christian church has long understood itself to be, since its beginnings, God’s agent on not-so-secret missions in the world. But to imagine Jesus and the people of Christian communities as heroes with superpowers is actually to lose sight of the very thing that was most transformative about both Jesus and his first followers, what exactly it was that made them God’s agents of change. And it can cause us to lose sight of exactly what it is that makes us God’s change agents, too.





Please contact our office ( if you have any questions or concerns regarding our retreat and summer ministry!  We look forward to having you with us soon!

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This is a place where worship requires no walls and the freedom of nature and its glory created by the Lord our God is shown to all and appreciated through his grace.
— Michael Gunsch

Your Gift Will Last For Generations

Help Us Finish the Race and Build the New Dining Hall/Fellowship Center

This is the next generation of ministry at Camp of the Cross. We have had incredible support so far from people like you who have been touched by camp. Without additional funds, building has temporarily paused.

We need your help to finish this project sooner rather than later, because clock is ticking on the old Dining Hall. 

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Like a breath of fresh air. You come and all your cares go away.
— Lisa Lindquist Haugen