CCM Crossings January 2017

"CCM Crossings" is a monthly message sent out to constituent congregations and supporters to keep you up to date on information and happenings at CCM. We hope you find it helpful in support of our camp together!


  • The Annual Meeting date and time has been set for Sunday, February 26th at 3PM.  Join our constituency at Sunne Lutheran Church in rural Wilton.  Annual Meeting packets will be made available the first week of February.
  • The board of directors of Camp of the Cross Ministries met on Saturday, January 14, 2017 and is proposing changes to the Constitution.  These changes will come before the constituency at the annual meeting.  They are being sent to constituent congregations and are available on the very top of the home page our website.
  • The 2017 summer program has been announced via social media and email blasts!  The brochure was sent out to campers from the summers of 2015 and 2016 and churches.  Registration is open.  Early bird discounts are different this year!  They are February 1st and April 1st
  • Mark your calendars for “Giving Hearts Day!”  CCM will be participating in this ND and MN giving day for the first time this year.  It will be held on Tuesday, February 9th. And we have two matching donors who are challenging the CCM family to match or exceed their donation of $23,000.00!
  • Have you checked out “the new look” of our website?  
  • Is Social Media your thing?  Don’t forget to include Camp of the Cross Ministries. We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Mention us and use #ccmfamily.  


End of the Year Giving and the End of the Year Budget—Unfortunately we ended in the red this year.  We came in with a deficit of close to $100,000.00.  This deficit includes our line of credit owed to the Garrison State Bank for $55,000.00.  Please consider donating today to help us catch up and be healthier in 2017.

CCM’s Board of Directors met on Saturday to prepare for the Annual Meeting.  One area of serious discussion was the proposed budget for 2017.  More information to come as it is developed and presented for action at the annual meeting.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, any other staff member or a board member.  Don't forget to check out this site or find out more information via our social media sites!

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