You Raised Over $100,000 on Giving Hearts Day!

We wanted to #GoMatchyMatchy to finishing building the "new" dining hall, a place for friends and families to grow in faith. 

Giving Hearts Day is a huge fundraising event each year and this year you helped us raise WELL OVER our goal of $50,000. Thank you so much! We are so thankful for the whole #ccmfamily!


We Crushed Our Goal

Dollars Raised Throughout the Day

Here's a Recap (from Facebook)

8:18 Am

8:36 am

8:49 AM

9:29 AM

10:05 AM

We have now reached over the $30,000 mark with our current total at $33,735.73!! Thank you for your tremendous support!! Let's reach for $50,000!! #GoMatchyMatchy Giving Hearts Day #GivingHeartsDay

10:50 AM

11:15 AM


We are reaching beyond the stars folks! As of this moment, we are now over our goal of $50,000 and now currently at $87,277.11!! You guys are amazing, holy cow! Let's see if we can reach $100,000!! Giving Hearts Day#GivingHeartsDay #GoMatchyMatchy



Thank you to everyone that has donated so far!! We are now currently at $92,567.33!! Holy cow!! Help us keep reaching for $100,000!! Giving Hearts Day #GoMatchyMatchy #GivingHeartsDay


Just a reminder that we will accept donations until 12am tonight! Let's keep reaching for the stars! #GoMatchyMatchy #GivingHeartsDay



As of now, our current total is $98,991.33!! Only two hours left to donate and reach our $100,000 mark! Let's keep it going! #GoMatchyMatchy#GivingHeartsDay Giving Hearts Day


Now we only have $500 to go! Thank you!


Just in! Janis just talked to a donor who will give an extra $500 if we get $500 more by 11pm to go over $1K! So that would be $1,500!!


Final Total